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It's been an exciting Journey

If you google DNP3, you'll see its actually an acronym for a networking protocol used to communicate between components in critical networks such as power grids. Without DNP3, nothing communicates and there is no power. This name felt perfect since I love the movie Tron and perform cybersecurity for my day job. My goal is to build a community that enjoys spreading happiness and positive energy to other streamers and get to be part of the experience.


DNP3 Customs earn you points. Points earn you $$$ and other rewards. Learn more once you enter the grid or join discord.



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Weekly giveaways, trivia, DNP3 Currency & amazing people!

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Monday, Wednesday Friday - 6:00PM EST

Come catch a live stream and take part in DNP3 Cash Customs, Viewer Giveaways, DonoBombs and more! Did you know you might have twitch prime? Members who have linked their amazon account to twitch are eligible for free subscriptions to DNP3