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CONGRATULATIONS on joining one of the most positive communities on Twitch. As a subscriber, you have unlocked incredible perks & benefits. There are so many benefits, that we've dedicated this entire page to lay them out for you. Thank you for being a subscriber!


  • EXTRA entries into gleam giveaways. See giveaways those currently running
  • Part of an awesome community (super supportive). We want to help you grow personally and professionally.


  • Chance to win CASH multiple times per stream. Example: Subs get $10 per win on marbles.
  • Personal e-mails from DNP3 letting you know about giveaway updates
  • Priority during marbles tournaments. Twitch subs get priority entry for major tournaments where access is limited.
  • Access to VODs
  • No ads before watching the stream
  • An awesome badge that shows your support
  • High quality emotes
  • Grid Discs per month ( must be in discord and have twitch subscriber role )
    • Tier 1: 600 grid disc
    • Tier 2: 750 grid disc
    • Tier 3: 1000 grid disc
  • Higher Tiered Subs get higher positioning in discord


Once you join discord, click the ruler in #rules. This will unlock the rest of discord for you.

  • 50$ giveaway every 2 weeks in in the #clublounge-giveaway channel
  • Self promotion of your channel (or someone elses) in #promotion-zone
  • Access to the club lounge for wolfpack members #clublounge